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When a borrower stops making mortgage payments to the lender, the loan is in “default”. The lender may then initiate a legal proceeding to sell the property to satisfy the debt. This is called foreclosure, and each step of the procedure is subject to state and federal law.

This article breaks down the foreclosure timeline for “non-judicial foreclosures” in California. By electing the non-judicial procedure, the lender agrees that the sale of the home will completely fulfill all obligations of the debt. In other words, the foreclosure typically proceeds more quickly than a judicial foreclosure which goes through court.

Start (Day 1-3)
Notice of default recorded with the county recorder.

Within 10 Days
Trustee mails Notice of Default to borrower(s) and anyone with a Special Request for Notice.

Within 1 Month
Mail Notice of Default to all parties with an interest in title.

After 3 Months
Set sale date (additional time required for certain residential properties).

25 Days Prior to Sale Date
Send Notice of Sale to IRS (if applicable).

20 Days Prior to Sale Date
Publish Notice of Sale; Post Notice of Sale; Mail Notice of Sale; Begin publishing Notice of Sale in an adjudicated newspaper (must run 3 consecutive weeks).

20 Days Prior to Sale Date
Record the Notice of Sale with the county recorder’s office.

14 Days Prior to Sale Date
Trustee cannot sell for 7 days after expiration of bankruptcy court order.

Sale Date
The Property is sold to the highest bidder or reverts back to lender.

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