Kristi Munoz Answers Six Frequently Asked Questions #TitleTalk

Deeds? Trusts? Probate? Oh my! In this information-packed video, Kristi is here to share her valuable insight on frequently asked questions she has been asked over the years. Make sure to watch the full video, but if you’re interested in knowing ahead of time what topics she discusses, check out the list below with their corresponding timestamps. And of course, if you have any questions, make sure to connect with Kristi directly!

  1. 0:20 What is a quitclaim deed? What is a grant deed?
  2. 1:00 What is a will? What is a living trust?
  3. 1:52 What happens when a homeowner passes away?
  4. 2:39 How does wording in a trust impact title?
  5. 3:34 Why don’t agents like dealing with probate?
  6. 4:34 How can agents make sure they’re working with a good title officer?
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Kristi Muñoz is a seasoned title insurance professional who services the Southern California market. Her expertise and knowledge in the real estate industry is truly second to none. From your first contact with Kristi, to the closing of your transaction, her mission is to provide a proactive, responsive, problem-solving approach that ultimately makes you successful. For all of your title needs, contact Kristi Munoz today!