REALTORS® vs. iBuyers: The Cost of Convenience | LaywersAgent ONE

If your client were to ask you “why should I work with you rather than an iBuyer? They seem much more cost-effective and convenient”, would you know how to confidently answer their question? How would you strategically convey your value so you can secure their business? How can you effectively share this information? Where can you access the tools to help educate your past clients or your farm area about Realtor vs iBuyer transactions? Well, look no further… Here are just a few snapshots from the latest update of LawyersAgent One.

LawyersAgent ONE is a city/county specific closing cost app that comes preloaded with calculations and closing costs for real estate professionals. Generate quick and professional seller net sheets and buyer estimates for your clients in just seconds. LawyersAgent ONE is jam-packed with features that are sure to wow your clients! Contact Kristi Munoz for more details. | (909) 841-7645 |

Kristi Muñoz is a seasoned title insurance professional who services the Southern California market. Her expertise and knowledge in the real estate industry are truly second to none. From your first contact with Kristi to the closing of your transaction, her mission is to provide a proactive, responsive, problem-solving approach that ultimately makes you successful.