NEW! LawyersAgent One FREE Update

THIS JUST IN – Lawyer’s Title is now offering the calculators on its LawyersAgent One smartphone application – for FREE! This product is being provided as a service to the general community at large without the condition of the referral of title insurance and/or settlement services business. In other words, take advantage of this free resource… you’ll definitely notice a difference.

Lawyers Title prides itself on its ability to offer its clients the latest technological tools as well as a treasure trove of resources to help their clients through various types of transactions. From buying and selling to escrow, title, and beyond, we’ve got you covered with comprehensive resources. My name is Kristi Muñoz and I am a title insurance and sales expert at Lawyers Title. I am part of a team that was created specifically to make you a more efficient real estate professional. I take pride in closing your transactions and making certain that you don’t have to worry about title issues and document recording. This means that you will have more time to focus on what you do best.

#TitleTalk is just a phone call or email away (909) 841-7645 or KMunoz@LTIC.COM.