Lawyers Title Can Save Your Investors Hundreds of Dollars

Kristi Sims-Munoz
Lawyers Title Riverside
I want to share in your success.

My goal is to ensure that every transaction goes as smoothly as possible every step of the way.

By providing exceptional products and services I will facilitate the closing process by leaving no small detail overlooked and quickly solving any issues that may arise.

I recognize that one of my most important roles is to make you look good and it begins with an unwavering commitment to work with you to take every transaction to a successful closing as quickly and efficiently as possible.

There is no substitute for experience and I have a wealth of experience working with all parties on title insurance and it shows in every real estate transaction I perform on your behalf.

If you are working with investors who bought a property a few years back there are a few things you need to know that will greatly enhance your value to your clients.

One of the most important questions you should ask them is “Did you purchase an insurance binder when you bought the property.”

This will not only make you look really smart and on top of your game but it could potentially save them hundreds of dollars when they close their investment sale with YOU selling it.

This is no small detail and agents need to be patently aware of how important a binder can be and how advantageous it is at the time of sale.

Call text or email me if you want to be to give you a thorough explanation.

You can also arrange for me to visit your office as I have done with hundreds of agents. 909-841-7645

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