Free Home Buyer Webinar: Mark Your Calendar!

I will be having a free webinar on Sunday, May 3rd at 4:00 PM PST that is meant to help home buyers save time and money. You will also be given insight so that you can avoid making mistakes that many other people frequently make when they purchase a home.

Topics that will be covered include:

– What current mortgage rates are.
– Is your credit good enough to buy a home?
– How much home can you afford?
– What percentage of money will I have to put down?
– How can you improve your credit score?
– How to get the seller to cover some costs.
– Why you should work with a REALTOR.
– What is escrow?
– What is the closing process like?
– What is the market like right now?

I will be joined by George Lawson of Coldwell Banker and David Lawson of Gateway Funding as well! For more information and to reserve your spot, simply click here.